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Frederique Dessemond - Ginette_ny

GINETTE NY laboratory (or GINETTE NY LAB) takes personalized jewelry to a new level. Offered in 14K, made in NY, GINETTE NY LAB gives you the opportunity to make your favorite GINETTE NY pieces your very own by customizing them with your choice of initials, words, picture… You name it we have it. All the while keeping the iconic clean and modern look you have come to love from GINETTE NY.

GINETTE NY is a designer jewelry brand that was created in 2002 by Frederique Dessemond. Over the years GINETTE NY has come to embody simple clean and modern contemporary gold jewelry and has become the epitomy of chic simplicity. GINETTE NY is selling its prestigious 18K collections in high end stores and department stores around the world and on its website www.ginette-ny.com.

GINETTE NY LAB 14K personalized jewelry can be ordered on its website www.ginette-lab.com and exclusively in our NY jewelry bar located at 172 West 4th street, New York NY 10014.

Frederique Dessemond is the creator of GINETTE NY is the “lab master” who came up with GINETTE NY LAB. She wanted to expand on the success of her now famous lace monograms and discs and offer her customers new fun ways to play with personalized jewelry.

She studied art history in Aix-en-Provence and Paris La Sorbonne. After winning the green card at the lottery she moved to New York in 1999 and worked as an assistant designer with Paige Novick who won the Gen Art contest with her by her side. Frederique soon decided to fly solo and her first creations were silk screens of personal paintings or pictures on clothing and handbags that she sold on the streets of Soho. In 2001 her first jewelry creation was the 2 holes pierced disc and soon after came the lace monogram necklace and other icons. These pieces caught the eye of a few buyers and this was the beginning of GINETTE NY continued success.